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Walker production and packaging facility near Grand Rapids

Valley Publishing in Bay City, Michigan

In addition to printing several of the leading newspapers in the state of Michigan, including The Grand Rapids Press, The Saginaw News and The Bay City Times, Advance Central Services Michigan proudly delivers excellence to commercial print customers that include Gannett.

With two state-of-the-art production centers strategically located across the state - near Grand Rapids and in Bay City - Advance Central Services Michigan is ideally suited to provide high-quality, cost-effective print services to customers based both in and out of state. We offer a complete turnkey printing service, with quality from start to finish; send us your files and we will deliver you the finished product, ready for delivery to your customers.

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Our customer commitment

We are committed to helping our customers exceed the expectations of their customers. Whether you need to print a national, regional or local newspaper, or if your need is for a newsletter, coupon book, directory or any number of other print products, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how Advance Central Services Michigan can deliver excellence to you.

We deliver excellence through…

Our people

Our employees proudly hold themselves to the highest-possible standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Our processes

We constantly monitor, track and report on our processes for continuous improvement.

Our plant operations

An uncompromising focus on efficiency, reliability and quality ensures our plant operations are second to none.

Our technology

We employ advanced technology throughout our operations to maximize up-time and efficiency.

Our equipment

Our state-of-the-art equipment provides the high-efficiency, high-quality and high-volume output that our customers expect and deserve.

Our capabilities include:

  • State-of-the-art production
  • Soft proofing
  • Digital ink presets and registration
  • Computer-to-plate
  • Packaging
  • Ink-jetting
  • Application of front page notes
  • Distribution

We ensure reliability, quality and customer satisfaction with:

  • An integrated press-control system to manage ink, dampening, registration, RIP and layout
  • An automated newsprint and preprint handling system
  • A centralized production planning and control system for production planning and management of packaging, receiving and inventory of inserts
  • A central web portal into which production metrics are reported, automatically compiled and distributed to stakeholders for online viewing

Print Production Facilities

Learn about the specific capabilities of our three print production facilities by clicking on the links below:

Walker Production Facility, Grand Rapids
Valley Publishing, Bay City

Contact us today

Contact Aaron Phipps, Plant and Production Manager, to discuss how Advance Central Services Michigan can deliver excellence to you.

Phone: 616-254-0625

Manroland GEOMAN printing press at the Walker Production Facility The Walker Production Facility's Manroland GEOMAN press
Manroland REGIOMAN printing press at Valley Publishing Valley Publishing's Manroland REGIOMAN press